This page contains the drivers for Infinity Notebooks. Please select the correct driver for the model of your laptop.

  • Nahimic – Nahimic Premium
  • Audio SBS – Sound Blaster Studio
  • SBC – Sound Blaster Cinema 6+
  • SBc – Sound Blaster Connect
  • THX – THX Spatial Audio

I01: Intel 13/14th Gen RapidLake-HX/HX-Refresh 10/12L with RTX 40 Series (Nahimic) Drivers

[N7-14R9A-999] GM7IX9N0079COM (Nahimic) (Realtek Lan)
[N7-14R8A-999] GM7IX8N0060COM (Nahimic) (Realtek Lan)
[N7-14R7A-899] GM7IX7N0059COM (Nahimic) (Motorcomm Lan)
[XQ6HX-13R6A-899] GM6PQ0X0024COM (Nahimic) (Realtek Lan, No Thunderbolt)

I11: Intel 13th Gen 10+12L with RTX 40 Series (Nahimic)

[N7-13R9A-899] GM7PX9N0068COM (Nahimic)
[X6-13R7A-899] GM6PX7X0179COM (Nahimic)
[X6-13R9A-899] GM6PX9X0031COM (Nahimic)
[X6-13R9A-899] GM6PX9X0063COM (Nahimic)

I08: Intel 12th Gen 8L ADL v2 with RTX 40 Series (SBS)

[O5-12R5A-899] GM5AR5O0015COM (SBS)
[O5-12R6A-899] GM5AR0O0012COM (SBS)
[O5-12R7A-899] GM5AR7O0008COM (SBS)

I05: Intel 11th Gen with RTX 30 Series (SBC)

[M7-11R6N-888] GM7TG0M0025COM (SBC)
[M7-11R6N-888] GM7TN0M0006COM (SBC)
[M7-11R7N-888] GM7TG7M0036COM (SBC)
[M7-11R7N-888] GM7TN7M0008COM (SBC)
[W5-11R7N-888] GM5TG7W0031COM (SBC)
[W5-11R7N-888] GM5TN7W0021COM (SBC)
[O5-11R6N-888] GM5TG0O0042COM (SBC)
[O5-11R6N-888] GM5TN0O0010COM (SBC)
[O5-11R5N-888] GM5TGEO0143COM (SBC)

I02: Intel 9th Gen with GTX+RTX 10+20 Series (SBc)

[S7-9G6] GK7CP6S0041COM (SBc)
[S7-9R6] GK7CP0S0155COM (SBc) [Same 8th Gen Code]
[S7-9R7] GK7CP7S0154COM (SBc) [Same Code as 8th Gen]
[V5-9R6] GK5CR0V0032COM (SBc)
[X5-9G5] GK5CP5X0031COM (SBc)
[X5-9G6] GK5CP6X0047COM (SBc)

A05: AMD 6000 Series (Rembrandt-H) with GTX+RTX 16+30 Series (SBS)

[E15-5A305-1M] FBM-GM5RGEE0016COM
[E15-5A165-BM] FBM-GM5RG1E0009COM

A02: AMD 5000 Series (Cezanne) with RTX 30 Series (SBC)

[M7-5R9R8N-999] GM7ZN8M0005COM (SBC)
[M7-5R9R7N-899] GM7ZN7M0003COM (SBC)
[M7-5R7R6N-899] GM7ZN0M0008COM (SBC)
[W5-5R9R8N-999] GM5ZN8W0007COM (SBC)
[W5-5R9R7N-899] GM5ZN7W0010COM (SBC)
[O5-5R7R6N-899] GM5ZN0O0013COM (SBC)

I10: Intel 13th Gen 8L with RTX 40 Series (Nahimic) Drivers

[XQ6-13R6A-899] GM6PG0X0046COM (Nahimic)

I07: Intel 12th Gen 12L with RTX 30 Series (SBC)

[M7-12R6N-899] GM7AG0M0027COM (SBC)
[M7-12R7TiN-899] GM7AG7M0067COM (SBC)
[M7-12R8N-899] GM7AGIM0003COM (SBC)
[M7-12R8N-899] GM7AGIM0008COM (SBC)
[M7-12R8TiN-999] GM7AG8M0052COM (SBC)
[N7-12R8TiN-999] GM7AG8N0049COM (SBC)
[N7-12R8TiN-999] GM7AG8N0057COM (SBC)
[O5-12R6N-888] GM5AG0O0044COM (SBC)
[W5-12R7TiN-899] GM5AG7W0048COM (SBC)
[W5-12R8TiN-899] GM5AG8W0047COM (SBC)

I04: Intel 10th Gen with RTX 30 Series (THX)

[M7-10R7N-888] GM7MG7M0029COM (THX)
[O5-10R6N-888] GM5MG0O0078COM (THX)

I01: Intel 8th Gen with GTX+RTX 10+20 Series (SBc)

[S2070] GK7CP7S0154COM (SBc) [Same Code as 9th Gen]
[S2060] GK7CP0S0155COM (SBc) [Same Code as 9th Gen]

A04: AMD 6000 Series (Rembrandt-H) with RTX 30 Series SBC Drivers

[N7-6R7R7TiN-899] GM7RG7N0029COM (SBC) [M7-6R7R6N-888] GM7RG0M0020COM (SBC) [O5-6R7R6N] GM5RG0O0033COM (SBC)

A01: AMD 4000 Series (Renoir) with GTX+RTX 10+20 Series (THX) Drivers

[O5-4R7R6-888] GK5NR0O0091COM (THX)
[O5-4R7R6-888] GK5NR0O0069COM (THX)
[O5-4R7G5TI-888] GK5NRFO0024COM (THX)
[O5-4R7G5-888] GK5NP5O0039COM (THX)
[O5-4R5G5TI-668] GK5NP5O0023COM (THX)
[O5-4R5G5-668] GK5NP5O0038COM (THX)

A01: AMD 8040 Series (Hawk Point) 8L (Nahimic/Realtek)

[XQ6-8R7R5A-899] GM6HG5X0011COM (RTX 4050)
[XQ6-8R7R6A-899] GM6HG0X0023COM (RTX 4060)

I09: Intel 13th Gen 8L ADL v2 with RTX 40 Series (SBS) Drivers

[M7-13R7A-899] GM7PG7M0008COM (SBS)
[O5-13R6A-899] GM5PD0O0035COM (SBS)

I06: Intel 12th Gen 8L with RTX 30 Series (SBC)

[M7-12R5N5-668] GM7AGEM0015COM (SBC)
[M7-12R5TiN-888] GM7AGFM0016COM (SBC)
[M7-12R5TiN-888] GM7AGFM0034COM (SBC)
[O5-12R5N-668] GM5AGE00054COM (SBC)

I02 Intel 13/14th Gen (RPL-HX/Refresh) 10L (Nahimic/Senary)

[A5-13R6A-899] GM5DX0A0007COM (RTX 4060)
[A5-14R6A-899] GM5IX0A0076COM (RTX 4060)
[A5-14R7A-899] GM5IX7A0046COM (RTX 4070)

I03: Intel 10th Gen with GTX+RTX 10+20 Series (THX)

[O5-10R6-7XX] GK5MR0O0073COM (THX)
[O5-10R6-7XX] GK5MR0O0159COM (THX)
[O5-10R6-7XX] GK5MR0O0160COM (THX)
[S7-10R7-8XX] GM7MP7S0064COM (THX)
[S7-10R7S-8XX] GM7MPHS0038COM (THX)
[S7-10R7S-8XX] GM7MPHS0046COM (THX)
[W5-10R6-8XX] GM5MP0W0053COM (THX)
[W5-10R6-8XX] GM5MP0W0080COM (THX)
[W5-10R7-8XX] GM5MP7W0043COM (THX)
[W5-10R7-8XX] GM5MP7W0069COM (THX)
[W5-10R7S-8XX] GM5MPHW0045COM (THX)
[W5-10R7S-8XX] GM5MPHW0068COM (THX)
[W5-10R8S-8XX] GM5MQ8W0038COM (THX)
[X5-10G5-7XX] GK5MP5X0051COM (THX)
[X5-10G5-7XX] GK5MP5X0059COM (THX)
[X5-10G5-7XX] GK5MP5X0075COM (THX)

A07: AMD Phoenix (7040 series) with RTX 40 Series (SBS) Drivers

[M7-7R7R6A-899] GM7XG0M0009COM] (SBS) [M7-7R7R5A-899] GM7XG5M0007COM] (SBS)

A06: AMD 7000 Series (Rembrandt-HS) with RTX 40 Series (Nahimic)

[Q16-7A406-1M] FBM-GM6BG0Q0055COM (Nahimic)
[Q16-7A405-BM] FBM-GM6BG5Q0055COM (Nahimic)

A03: AMD 5000 Series (Cezanne) with RTX 30 Series (THX)

[M7-5R9R8N-999] GM7ZG8M0049COM (THX)
[M7-5R7R7N-899] GM7ZG7M0043COM (THX)
[W5-5R9R8N-999] GM5ZG8W0048COM (THX)
[W5-5R7R7N-899] GM5ZG7W0029COM (THX)